iCarbons sells premium device protection for mobile devices.

Challenge: To augment the existing social media and public relations marketing plan in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Solution: Commerce Central Shopping Feeds makes sure that all iCarbons products are up to date on comparison shopping engines, sending hot prospects to the store.

Result: Commerce Central Shopping Feeds leads to a 10% contribution to unique visits, 90% of which are new prospects, and pays for itself almost 100 times over with minimal effort.


increase in unique visits

Visitors from Commerce Central:


are hot new prospects

Pays for itself


over monthly


How iCarbons tapped a new stream of regular customers in less than 30 minutes

iCarbons is an online seller of premium scratch protection for mobile devices like cellphones, laptops and tablets. Started in 2010, it has quickly become a destination for device owners who want both style and safety at affordable prices. Co-founder and CEO Joshua DiRisio turned to the Commerce Central Shopping Feeds app to supplement customer acquisition in a time- and cost-effective manner.

The Challenge

iCarbons initially focused on customer acquisition through social media and blogger outreach. Though the existing strategy worked well in getting the brand name out and bringing customers to the online store, both social media and media coverage proved to be very time consuming. They required regular updates, consistent relationship building with press outlets and careful planning and selection of how the brand image was portrayed. Josh soon realized that they needed to complement this with a strong presence on comparison shopping engines.

“We needed more traffic quickly.”

Despite devoting all this marketing time to these two channels, Josh was still only reaching the audience of enthusiasts who read technology websites regularly and followed such brands on social sites. He was still not connecting with the sizeable population of people with mobile devices needing protection that existed outside this niche. He needed to drive more customers to the website and pinpointed comparison shopping engines as an important traffic source. His first stop was Commerce Central’s Shopping Feeds app.

The Solution: Commerce Central Shopping Feeds

Although Josh was initially attracted to Commerce Central Shopping Feeds because it was “relatively inexpensive for what you would expect”, he came to realize it is a valuable traffic driver with high conversion rates since it targets people who are actively searching for the kinds of products iCarbons offers.

People reach and use comparison shopping engines specifically because they have a clear purchase intent, e.g., someone who goes to comparison engine TheFind.com and types in “iPhone case.” Commerce Central Shopping Feeds automatically lists all iCarbons’ products, including images and descriptions, on Google Shopping and TheFind—helping Josh reach a stream of hot prospects which he had not been tapping into previously.

“It took less than 30 minutes and the whole thing was up and running.”

Josh saw a new steady flow of traffic to iCarbons’ online store due to Commerce Central Shopping Feeds. He found it an easy to “set-and-forget” solution, checking statistics in the Commerce Central dashboard only when he had time. iCarbons’ listings on comparison sites are always up-to-date since all additions, changes and corrections to his Shopify store and inventory are automatically picked up by Commerce Central and reflected on comparison sites.

Josh can focus on time consuming activities such as running his company and creating new products; Commerce Central automatically helps potential customers who research online before purchasing items related to his lineup discover iCarbons listed in the relevant feeds and see his latest offerings with accurate price information.

“Traffic started coming in and we didn’t know from where, until we realized it was from Commerce Central Shopping Feeds!”

The Results

Josh found what he was looking for as a complement to his existiing marketing strategy. Commerce Central Shopping Feeds gave him increased visibility in front of a much broader audience and helped drive traffic and sales to iCarbons, with minimal management.

With Commerce Central’s solution in place, iCarbons has seen that:

  • Commerce Central Shopping Feeds contributes over 10% of their unique monthly visitors.
  • Of these additional visitors, 90% are discovering iCarbons for the first time.
  • Commerce Central pays for itself 97x over every month by generating new sales.

When we asked Josh who he would recommend Commerce Central Shopping Feeds to after his experience with the app, he said:

“Whoever sells a product and wants it to be found [should use Commerce Central Shopping Feeds]. Pretty much every ecommerce store owner!”